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Stress factors such as population growth and migration, land use change, climate variability, uneven energy resource distribution, and evolving regulatory landscape make it increasingly difficult to satisfy energy demand in an economical manner while promoting environmental sustainability. The interconnections and interdependencies associated with the energy system, the economic system and the environment pose research challenges.


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Determine how society can best integrate the energy system, the economic system and built environment to provide for growing demand of energy in an economical and sustainable manner.


  • Cultivate an interdisciplinary research environment to study and explore the nexus of energy, economics, and environment.
  • Nurture and educate next generation leaders with a diverse and interdisciplinary background to address challenges in energy, economics, and environment systems.
  • Offer trainings to officials, city planners, engineers, computer scientists, environmental specialist, and economists to make them better equipped to tackle real-world problems.
  • Develop technology to solve problems arising from the energy, economics, and environment nexus.
  • Bridge the gap between academia, industry, and government and facilitate collaboration in addressing the grand challenges of meeting energy demand in and economical and sustainable manner.

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